izzy+ and IdeaPaint unveil strategic partnership with the introduction of ‘IdeaPaint Powered’ technology at NeoCon 2012

Collaboration aimed at creating inspired workspace furniture with dry erase finish

NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2012: June 11-13, 2012
The Merchandise Mart, Showrooms 11-100

CHICAGO – June 2012 – Through the years, Joey Ruiter and Chuck Saylor have dedicated untold hours to sketching out and thinking through furniture that can support a balanced approach to new styles of working and learning, both for individuals and for teams.

The result of that effort and inventiveness is being introduced to the contract interiors marketplace at Neocon 2012, with the commercial launch of the Nemo Bar and Trellis by izzy, two pieces that can function very well independently but may be even more effective and better together.

“This is step one of a continuing journey at izzy+ to create products that inspire, encourage and support the power of collaboration,” says Saylor, founder and CEO of izzy+.

“We’re lowering the barriers to communication and connection,” adds Ruiter of JRuiter + Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a long-time collaborator with Saylor and izzy+.   “People need space to develop and share ideas.”

The Nemo Bar and Trellis by izzy, both of which were shown in concept form during the two previous NeoCon shows, help create inspiring spaces for next-generation knowledge workers and learners.  The Bar offers a hub for connection and collaboration, where ideas may be freely shared. The Trellis provides a sense of enclosure and privacy for one individual to several people at a time, along with options for power and technology.

Equally at home in a corporate office, college setting or airport lounge, the Bar and Trellis create a flexible environment that fosters, supports, and stimulates a free-flowing exchange where two or more are gathered, while also providing a sanctuary for semi-private work or reflection, according to Saylor and Ruiter.

The Bar is available both in counter and bar height and the tabletop surface comes in 8, 10 and 12-foot lengths to accommodate 6, 8 or 10 people. The surface choices include an array of veneers or laminates. The Trellis, both freestanding or wall-mounted, can be ordered in 20 standard configurations.

Both the Bar and Trellis are built primarily of steel and cast and extruded aluminum for maximum durability and recyclability to reduce the impact on the environment at the end of the product’s life. Customer and designers are free to specify materials to fill in the frames of the Trellis or the leg base of the Bar to make a colorful and customized design statement that can change over time. The fresh and extensive izzy+ flavors palette offers designers a plethora of choices in materials and colors.

Consistent with the izzy+ modernist design philosophy, the Bar and Trellis reflect clean and simple geometric forms.  Both elements support the ideas associated with layering, change of scale and intuitive functionality. Using recyclable materials, both the Bar and Trellis strive for a balanced, organic pureness of form that elegantly fulfill the desired function of each.

Ruiter and Saylor continue to hone and develop new concepts for the Nemo collection, and several prototype pieces, including lounge seating, low benches, tables and privacy “cocoons” for heads-down work, will be shown in the izzy+ showroom space 11-100 during NeoCon 2012.

By providing some structure for informal space, says Ruiter, community is created and information can be quickly shared.  “This is how learning happens today,” he says.

“Encouraged by easy access to information, transparency, a strong desire to contribute and grow,” says Saylor, “people are increasingly seeking to leverage each other and looking for inspiring places that encourage spontaneous interaction and reflection.”

With Nemo Bar and Trellis by izzy, he adds, the interactive and reflective adventure has just begun.

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The employees of izzy+ ( design, manufacture and market office furniture and seating that solve real problems for real people. The focus is to provide designers with the tools to create inspiring work spaces for forward-thinking customers in home offices and small businesses, in executive offices and board rooms, in hospitals and classrooms. Its award-winning products are marketed under the brand names izzy, HÅG, Harter, Fixtures Furniture and ABCO. Based in Spring Lake, MI, izzy+ is a business of JSJ Corporation of Grand Haven, MI.


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