the world really
needs another chair.

We wouldn't have bothered creating
one if we didn't
believe this was true.

Two great chairs, one great sit.

Wabi and Nikko are like brothers who share the same DNA, but have different interests. While Wabi was designed to support longer-term sits in first spaces, Nikko was created specifically for second and third spaces, where flexibility, inspiration, and collaboration rule.

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Third Space Third Space

Refresh: 3rd spaces

Places you don't have to be (but you gravitate toward them, anyway).

Second Space Second Space

Meet: 2nd spaces

Those rooms and nooks for gatherings with an agenda and a timeframe.

First Space First Space

Focus: 1st spaces

Heads-down solo workspaces, but with features that welcome collaboration.

Movement: the key to healthy sitting.

Movement: the key to healthy sitting

You'll never hear us telling you to sit still. That's because research shows that the healthiest sitting position is one that allows plenty of movement. (Don't forget to stand up and move around the space, too!)

9.3 Hours

The average number of hours adults in office-oriented vocations spend each day sitting.

Movement: the key to healthy sitting

Pelvic alignment =
more movement

The key to Wabi and Nikko's revolutionary design lies in the seat, not the back. Only the seat pan can properly align the pelvis, which in turn aligns everything else, all the way up the kinetic chain.

Pelvic Bone

Although adults often vary by a foot or more in height, the distance between our “sitting bones” (or ischial tuberosities) is within a half inch for 95% of the population. (Which means the design of the Wabi and Nikko seat pans works for everyone!)

Pelvic alignment is the key to healthy movement while sitting
Our position on the design of the whole Wabi and Nikko seat system came purely from physical therapy. Design, technology, and science all converge in this chair.

Chuck Saylor
Founder, izzy+

Bottom's Up
Barbara Hoogenboom

Optimal sitting isn't just where you feel best, it's where your spine is best aligned and protected, and allows for the most movement.

Barbara Hoogenboom
Grand Valley State University

Bottoms up

Introducing our revolutionary new seat. We've taken years of anatomical research and designed a chair with an entirely new seat pan—one that tilts the pelvis slightly forward, keeps it balanced from side to side, and reduces pressure points on your "sit bones" and thighs.

Illustration of expanded seat pan Topper foam Low-density
inset foam
Higher-density sculpted foam Cut out pockets with flexors support pelvic alignment and reduce pressure points. Outer seat pan has front edge flexors to relieve thigh pressure.

Crossed-legs illustration

Sit right, think right.

Of course you can’t focus on all your brilliant work if you’re busy trying to figure out ‘The Right’ way to sit. That’s why we designed a chair that nudges you into alignment so gently you won’t even notice.

When it’s all said and done, the Wabi and Nikko seat design aligns your musculoskeletal core, which all leads right to something that’s always been at the core of izzy+: promoting health and wellness through human-centered design.

What all this research means for real people. (BAM!)

The right chair can make a difference in your entire workday by promoting Balanced Active Movement (yep—BAM!)

When your pelvis tilts into its optimal position, all kinds of other good things follow:

BAM: Balanced Active Movement Better circulatory and digestive function can improve the workings of everything else—including your brain. The entire respiratory process is enhanced and more oxygen is passed into your blood. Common back and neck tension is relieved, while the discs and joints of the spine are supported with proper alignment.
BAM: Balanced Active Movement
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