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Evan Privacy

Carve yourself a nook without compromising flexibility. Freestanding screens define spaces in an open plan, but are amazingly easy to install and move.

Freestanding privacy screens in four styles and multiple materials and option choices

Designed by David Wright

David Wright, president of Merge Office Interiors, literally grew up in the furniture industry. His father started his own furniture manufacturing shop in 1949, and Wright joined him when he was old enough to be trusted with a hammer and chisel. Educated in Scotland where he completed a furniture design course at Kirkcaldy Technical College, Wright has been in the office furniture industry for many years, most recently as president of Bosse USA. With Chief Operating Officer Scott Klingler, he founded Merge Office Interiors in 2003, manufacturing screens that offer visual privacy with hang-on accessory capabilities and a cable management system. In 2004, Merge Office Interiors formed a strategic alliance with izzydesign to market and distribute a proprietary line of izzySmartScreens, now called Evan, which earned a 2004 Best of NeoCon silver award.

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    One-core Screen

    Transaction tops

    Seated Privacy 27/37/39/49Wx54H

    Standing Privacy 27/37/39/49Wx54H

    Two-core Screen

    Transaction tops 27/37/39/49/61/73Wx42H

    Seated Privacy

    Standing Privacy 27/37/39/49Wx62H

    Two-core Transition Screen 27Wx62/42H, 27Wx62/54H, 37Wx62/42H, 37Wx62/54H, 39Wx62/42H, 39Wx62/54H, 49Wx62/42H, 49Wx62/54H

    Mobile Markerboard Screen

    Universal Hinge Kit for Glides

    Universal Hinge Kit for Casters

    Wall Mount Hinge Kit 42" high screen, 54" high screen, 62" high screen

    Casters (set of 2) 14Wx3.25Dx4.75H

    Straight Transaction Top 10Wx18L

    Round Transaction Top
    10.5 Diameter

    120° Transaction Top 12Wx10Dx12L

    90° Transaction Top

    Support Foot 14WX3.25Dx3H

    Stabilizing Clip

    Accessory Rail

    Binder Shelf 18/24/30Wx11.5Dx8H

    Shelf Divider 11Dx6.7H

    Letter Tray 11.75Wx9D

    Pen Holder

    CD Rack

    Markerboard Tray 14.75Wx5Dx2H


    Extruded aluminum frame. MDF, laminate, frosted acrylic, 3-Form and fabric cores.

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