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Audrey Storage

Classic and unpredictable. Audrey Storage is modular casework in a freestanding mode. The base provides structure and flexibility or easy reconfiguration whenever life and work present a need for change. Build your own look or select from one of our preconfigured assemblies. Just add the finishes and you make it your own.

Various cabinet styles and sizes combine with the base and top for a truly signature look for now and whatever's next.

Chuck Saylor

Designed by Chuck Saylor

In 2007, Chuck Saylor, founder of izzy+, created the Audrey modular storage cabinet collection for izzy. Saylor has more than 21 patents and three decades of furniture industry experience, including senior management positions in marketing, design and sales with Haworth, Inc. and Knoll. In 1976, during what he might call a defining moment, Saylor, Dick Haworth and Harold Wilson led the design and development of the first pre-wired steel panel system in the office furniture industry. Saylor’s work currently is being shown at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Chuck Saylor saw Audrey as the byproduct of izzy’s research around furniture for collaboration – at home, school or the office. He envisioned Audrey as a platform for people to share their ideas, store project files and create highly personally space. Audrey was seen as a perfect fit for executive or open plan offices, as well as residential décor. Its highly customizable character was attractive to designers, who could create a one-of-a-kind product with each material and color selection, as well as mix materials horizontally and vertically within an assembly.