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Introducing Layla! Understated elegance and functionality join forces in this conference table system, with its unusually light visual touch and practical, technology-friendly details. Layla’s modular design is key to individuality, allowing a vast number of configurations whether large or small, racetrack, round, or u-shaped. All of Layla’s intelligent functions are helpful when you need them, and easily stored when you don’t. Layla’s integrated horizontal raceway is both beautiful and functional—ready for delivering power and data where you need it most. Drop-in storage trays allow you to stock the raceway with everything from writing utensils and sketchpads to plants, beverages and snacks.


Designed by Lucy.D

Barbara Ambrosz and Karin Santorso together comprise the Vienna-based design firm known as Lucy.D. Their poetic designs—whether applied to furniture like Layla or other products like glassware and lighting—are based on simple, elegant lines and shapes, with sharp attention paid to materials and other details. As a result, Lucy.D designs have beautiful longevity in both shape and structure.
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