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Harter Step

Modern, practical, and direct, the Harter Step chair is part of Harter's new group of products based on timeless, functional forms. Conceived by George Simons, no line in the Harter Step is extraneous, no gesture superfluous. The Harter Step conference redefines the office chair as a dynamic piece that is at home in both traditional and alternative officing.

George Simons

Designed by George Simons

George Simons, a Seattle-based designer, spearheaded Harter’s design of the first action/swivel chair, helping drive Harter products to embody modernist themes of practicality, comfort, simplicity, and direct, timeless, functional forms. His wide range of experience includes William Stumpf and Associates, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Brayton International and IDEO. A winner of design awards from the IDSA, Industrial Design Magazine, Business Week, and several NeoCon gold awards, he is a holder of numerous design patents. His work has been featured extensively in both domestic and international books and publications. As a teacher, he has conducted courses at University of Illinois, Institute of Design/ IIT, Art Center, Cooper Hewitt and Kendall College of Art and Design.

For Harter’s Step chair, he developed an austere, functional design elegantly at home in both executive conference applications as well as collaborative work environments. Beginning with the thin padded chair profile with its signature under-seat return, he worked out subtle massing and tapers that complete the minimal aspects of the upper chair. Optional separate thin seat and back pads provide additional support and hierarchical differentiation in the office landscape. No line is extraneous, no gesture superfluous.