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Sleekly proportioned and comfortably molded, Erik Munnikhof's Cyclus relies on quality materials and a striking design for its effect. The Cyclus array is in its element in guesting spaces, activity settings, conference areas, retail environments, and health spas.

Erik Munnikhof

Designed by Erik Munnikhof

Erik Munnikhof began his career as a designer at Kembo in the Netherlands in 1986 after completing his industrial design training at the Technical University in Delft. Over the past 20+ years, he has designed numerous successful products for Kembo, Leolux and Punch, including the Family, Cyclus and Freyr chairs, and the Elektron, Segno, Universe and Mi table and desk systems. Erik has won numerous prizes and awards for his chair designs including the Good Industrial Design which promotes excellence in industrial design. He enjoys each step of the design process, from concepting to prototyping to engineering, and feels design is the perfect mix between aesthetics, ergonomics, ecology, economics, construction and functionality. In 2009, he began his own design agency, Erik Munnikhof Design.