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Harter's new KB Network textiles add pop to office seating

Bold colors, punchy geometric patterns sit well with Harter brand

NEW YORK - February 9, 2009 - Bright. Vibrant. Strong. In other words, clear brand identity. For Deborah Steele, that's the real beauty of the new KB Network collection of knit textiles she has designed for Harter.

"When I visited Harter's showroom, I could see how these bright, vibrant colors would convey the freshness of this brand," she said. "My charge was to push the envelope as much as possible. So I just went for it. That's why you'll also see a lot of texture; it's very dimensional and large scale for the seating category. With the whole offering, I wanted to create something that's truly what the Harter brand is all about. The colors and patterns are so young and clean, they're sparkling. I'm very pleased with the outcome."

Featured exclusively on the back of Harter's top-selling Anthro KB office chair, the bold colors, oversized, raised dots and punchy geometric patterns by Steele Technical Fabrics are being launched during Harter's 2009 Valentine's Day campaign.

Harter's new KB Network designs include:

  • Ping: Spot-on and instantaneously delivered, whether via a text, an email or a quick chat at your desk.
  • Pulse: This subtle, complex design is about engaging a signal and finding the right frequency - building on ideas and watching them gain momentum.
  • Rollover: Navigating a colorful sea of options, this pattern is nimble and sure, capturing the full spectrum of possibility before deftly landing the best choice.

The new textile designs showcase new mesh technologies that also favor the environment, due to lack of material waste as well as reduced energy and labor required for production. Knitted like a sock in three dimensions, the textile is pulled over the chair back's frame and simply fastened at the bottom.

"The challenge of the strong stretch of elastomeric yarn is that it requires a pattern that is very balanced," said Steele, who brings 25 years of textile design experience to the project. "You weigh that against parameters like available yarn size and colors, and then you look at how to best serve the brand."

Since 1927, Harter[♥] customers have depended on us for long-lasting, high quality products and personal service without parallel. Today's new Harter honors those expectations, partnering with designers and their clients to develop creative design solutions based on classic modern forms and a fresh palette of materials, colors, textiles and surfaces. Harter by izzy is a business of JSJ Corporation. Harter [♥]. Always at the heart of the solution.


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