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More than a chair.

It's more than a chair, it's a philosophy. A chair is not just a chair. It's an extension of your body and mind. Whatever you sit in projects an image of yourself and at the same time, allows you to move freely. It should fit your body in all situations and follow its natural movements. HÅG H09 gives you a feeling of private space; creating a screened atmosphere to utterly stimulate your concentration and creativity.

Svein Asbjornsen

Designed by Svein Asbjornsen

Designer Svein Asbjørnsen and his colleagues in sapDesign run their product design business from the head office, a beautiful patrician house built in 1904, overlooking the fjord and mountains in Sykkylven, Norway. The historic, renovated rooms of the building provide the perfect setting for the company’s modern designs. Designed by Svein Asbjornsen, the HÅG H09 is a beautiful engineering feat that marries advanced ergonomic theories, 21st century manufacturing capabilities and bold design. The chair’s unique “flip-down” arms and unparalleled lumbar support have separated it from its rivals within the high-end ergonomic seating market. HÅG H09 is designed to create a feeling of private space, a screened atmosphere that can stimulate both concentration and creativity.