A passion for movement

Life is all about movement—we were not designed to sit still, but most of us spend 80 percent of our productive hours sitting down. HÅG understands the art of creating movement while you are sitting. HÅG’s holistically-designed chairs have a tilting mechanism that allows your body to move naturally, without even thinking about it. The intuitive starting point for all HÅG chairs is your body in balance—always the optimal starting point for movement in any direction. Any movement you make in a HÅG chair increases blood circulation, which helps you focus on the task at hand.

In addition to great comfort, HÅG places a high premium on quality, with a system that guarantees focus on quality through the whole value chain—from product development to delivery and customer service.

An environmental pioneer

Part of protecting the well-being of humans is protecting the well-being of the environment. HÅG is a pioneer in environmental performance, using post-consumer recycled materials and coming within a hairline of utilizing 100 percent recyclable materials.

In 1995, HÅG started to use recycled car bumpers and plastic waste for the plastic components of our chairs, and we were the first office chair manufacturer to become ISO 14001 certified, EMAS registered and ISO 14025 certified (the Environmental Product Declaration, EPD). HÅG was the first European furniture manufacturer certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute in the USA, a certification guaranteeing that HÅG products do not contain hazardous substances or emit pollutants. HÅG also contributes towards reducing global greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by purchasing certificates that guarantee 100% of the factory’s electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources.

Our goal is that HÅG, as a responsible corporate citizen, shall at all times provide users with the best possible sitting solutions having taken all environmental considerations into account.

HÅG Overview Brochure