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Out with the dull, uncomfortable, and bulky, in with Webster, full of personality, space-saving functionality, and surprising comfort.

Our newest multi-purpose chair has something fresh for everyone: Designers love Webster’s clean, modern lines and range of color and finish choices; building or facility managers love its stackability and near-indestructiblity; and everyone who sits to work, meet or learn loves its cool looks and human-centered comfort. Webster is the inspired way to create more inspiring environments – for everyone.

Fixtures Furniture Video Icon Watch the Webster video!

Fixtures Furniture Video Icon Watch the Webster Demo Video!

Designed by Bang Design

Designers of the Olivia chair for izzy+, bangdesign’s Bryan Marshall and David Granger believe design is a verb not a noun. It is a problem-solving process where everything is questioned to unearth better answers. This all-embracing approach pushes the boundaries of the entire project and how it connects with people.